Say it with Diamonds" Caroline Trentini by Arthur Elgort for Vogue US September 2004


so i checked my folder with sketches and found some saurons 

-Second Age Sauron (Battle of the Gwathlo is soon,heh)  -First age Sauron, this pic was a part of a strip about Gorlim’s treachery (another one unfinished strip yey ;__;) - some weird shit I don’t know what is it and don’t remember why i drew that (why are they eating anyway?)


AATP Shinjuku: [x] [x]


Photography by Richard Kovacs - Model  Brigitta Csukovics


I forgot to upload pictures of my shironuri outfit for Harukacon day 2 
Since this was just something I threw together in the morning I’m very happy about the outcome. Inspired by the lovely minori0000 who we all got to meet later that day.

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coming out of the closet? no. i’m coming out of my cage and i’ve been doing just fine gotta gotta be down because i want it all

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Elie Saab Haute Couture Fall 2013 - Backstage


We are going to start ‘Emilie’ reservation.

And We’ll announce the model picture on every day while reservation period.

keep an eye on my page, thank you! 

- JSK, Over SK Reservation :

- OPS, Skirt Reservation :

- Catalogue :

- Reservation Period : June 24th~ July 7th

- Shipping Period : Aug 25th 


"Alice in Wonderland" by Angela Vianello