s9: guilt - wyoming and c.t.


For phaes - Wyoming and C.T. as a part of Team B. C.T. is working with the Insurrectionists, and deliberately sabotages the mission, though she never expected anyone to get shot, goddammit.

There’s a difference between not responding to a threat in time, and actively letting your teammate get shot – and, as C.T. realises, out there on the orange battlefield, smoke rising into the overall haze, bullets zinging off overturned cars, the latter part of that was really not that far apart from shooting them in the back.

Next to her, Wyoming shudders, leaning limply against the belly of the car, breaths laboured and shallow and agonising. The damage didn’t show on his armour, but underneath, C.T. knew, would be a mess of blood and muscle and organs and bodysuit, raw and torn. Something had gone wrong, something had to have gone awry – because for all the work that C.T. had done for the Insurrection, she had never connected that one day, someone in the Project would get hurt because of what she had done.

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